How to Check Your iTunes Gift Card Balance on an iPhone

Jan 09,  · Until, that is, you realize that the amount in unused gift cards is actually down compared to the peak year, , when approximately 10% of the value of all gift cards went to waste thanks to fees, expiration, and consumers who left them in drawers or otherwise just didn’t use them.

Similar to the gas idea, you can use up any remaining amount on prepaid card at your local supermarket.

Check your Apple iTunes gift card balance at the iTunes store. Create an account at iTunes if you don't have one already. In the Quick Links box on the right-hand side look for the
Check the balance of your Macy's gift card to see how much money is left on it. Skip to Content. Search by brand Search Brands. Log In Sign Up Now! Shop Macy's Gift Cards. Check your Macy's gift card balance online, over the phone, or at any Macy's department store in the U.S.
The Visa ® Gift Cards and The Visa Gift Virtual Account are issued by MetaBank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Visa Gift Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US.
Jan 09,  · Until, that is, you realize that the amount in unused gift cards is actually down compared to the peak year, , when approximately 10% of the value of all gift cards went to waste thanks to fees, expiration, and consumers who left them in drawers or otherwise just didn’t use them.
Your Visa ® Gift Card is issued by either MetaBank TM or Sunrise Banks, N.A., University Avenue, St. Paul, MN , Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Please see back of card .
Know What Your Balances Are

Oct 06,  · A Gift Card is a prepaid stored money card that is used as an alternative to cash for purchases with a particular store, in this case, Amazon. Follow the stated steps to check Amazon Gift Card .

Maybe you could regift a card that had its original balance on it? Why all the answers that take so much effort? This isn't a problem at all. I always just use my unused balances to buy gas. Stick the card in and it will pump right up to the last penny before turning off. Thanks for bringing this up, Anthony! You could possibly go inside the gas station and run the card like a regular counter purchase, but many cards will be declined at the pump itself.

So it's not always so simple especially if you are buying gas and have kids in the car, or you are buying gas after merchant hours. Hopefully, your cashier will work with you to use the amount you have left in a reasonable manner: I can point to specific instances this past year where this situation bit me in the butt. No restrictions on use, but I was not careful to note purchases against them. When I tried to use them at several retailers, they would be declined for insufficient balances, and I was informed I couldn't just "use what was left" if I didn't know the balance.

I wound up discovering both in the back of my wallet, expired, knowing full well a large portion went unused. Seems that would save some time.

Amazon policy is that you can't use prepaid cards in combination with credit cards. So if you have, say, an Amazon gift card, you could cash out the small amount on your prepaid gift card and then use Amazon-specific money for the rest. But you can't just use this to pay part, and pay the rest with your Visa. Yes, you can do this. Some people would like to "bank" all their unused pre-paid balances as Amazon gift codes, as you can store them up until you have a nice-sized balance to buy something larger in one purchase.

Linsey, you are wrong. I just spoke to amazon customer service and they say you can NOT do this. They said that is not allowed. They said I MUST use a visa debit with enough to cover the entire charge, or just use the amazon gift card to cover the entire charge. They said you can NOT use both, as they don't allow 2 payment forms for an order. I told them that was ridiculous, and I cancelled the order. That's the problem with these pre-paid debit visa cards, you pay for them in cash, and then loose part of your money because no one will let you use all of the balance.

It's all a total scam. The GC has to already have been added to your account balance. This shouldn't be a big problem. Just call the number on the back for the balance and mark the front with a permanent marker. Some cashiers do this for you when you get store credit for a return. Or, just swipe your card at the self-checkout at Wal-Mart. It deducts the amount automatically, without needing you to know the exact balance. If you're in the regular line at Wal-Mart, have the cashier punch in the full amount and then swipe the card.

This method works at the grocery stores too. As an ex-cashier, I once had a lady who had about 10 visa gift cards with a few dollars on them each. I ran them all on the same transaction just fine without knowing the exact balances. Either the Walmart cashiers don't know what they are doing or you are wrong I doubt the former because it is not just my local Walmart, I live in an area where there are three Walmarts that I can go to and in all of them, every cashier that has rung me up for the full amount, the card declines i.

I always have to tell them the exact balance left, then change payment method, hit credit and then process the balance due on my regular credit card. This is true in Target too. I am not embarrassed or shy about it because it is my money. While I never game the system and follow the rules legit, I will never let go of my money. I am sure the store cashiers will think to themselves, what a cheapo I am In reply to Linsey Knerl, I'm working at a gas station this winter.

He uses them to buy the balance in gas I agree, you definately want to use those last few dollars on any prepaid card or gift card. The numbers are staggering on the amount of prepaid cards and gift cards that never get redeemed or remain partially unused. It is big business for banks and retailers. Prepaid cards usually have a target market of the unbanked, but now they are more widely used and will continue to grow.

So if you get a prepaid card or gift card, remember to use it all up! That's good advice, however. I'll keep that in mind! Just use it and then pay the rest with cash or a debit card.

Almost every store automatically takes multiple forms of payment. Just give the smallest one first and then a new total is calculated. Then give the next highest one, and so on until you have to pay the balance with real money. It's understandable that this wouldn't even be an issue for many people. But when you combine the fact that some stores just don't train their cashiers to even be able to take coupons -- much less use multiple forms of payment, it can be a hassle to even use the small gift cards.

For the most part, large retailers who are used this this thing shouldn't see it as a big deal and therefore, the customer would have no need to feel odd , but in some smaller rural areas, places where you still have to sign a paper slip to use a credit card or heaven forbid, one of those manual imprint deals , you are talking about a huge deal to use multiple forms of payment.

I was also inspired to write this when I saw so many people asking about it on deals and freebies board. So I knew that at least for some people, it was an issue. I'm glad that from what I'm hearing here, most of our readers haven't had it be an incovenience: Maybe you all are just that savvy? I'm glad that you wrote this as I found it very helpful.

With my new Perkstreet account, I am looking for options to use up the MC gift cards they send me. It's especially a problem because I'm overseas on US military base, where your usual repertoire of stores don't exist no Walmart, for sure.

Amazon gift cards are a great idea, another one that costs you money, however that I want to try is to use it to fund a Paypal donation to myself. Another thing, I noticed the base commissary grocery store doesn' accept my Paypal Debit MC, so I'm scared that they won't accept the gift cards either!

I have no problem giving multiple forms of payment but apparently anything less than a full amount of payment just doesn't register, so to speak. You have to love Washington State in this regard.

When the gift card reaches less than a 5. I have gotten into a few arguments over this, but just whip out the state law and show the cashier when they continue to refuse. I'm really mystified why make life so complicated with all those gift cards, debit cards, you name it. I use cash for small purchases, a Visa credit card for larger ones or something I want to keep record of, and occasionally a check that I keep in my wallet.

Oh yes, if you pay the Visa balance at the end of the month you've got free credit. In my case, I sometimes get gift cards from survey rewards. I prefer to cash out my rewards for PayPal or Amazon credit if possible, but a few sites don't have those options.

Also, sometimes you get a card as a gift, and even if it's not what you wanted, you'd rather use it than let it go to waste. Some are from mail-in rebates, some are received as payment for items returned to stores. I don't give gift cards anymore. We've been given cards for Christmas and a local merchant will go out of business with no recourse for the holder or giver of the card. I will give gas gift cards because the most people purchase gasoline and will use the whole amount.

However, we don't actually proceed with the charge; this is simply one of the security measures we use to protect our customers. The authorization charge will usually drop off your account in a few days depending on your bank. Normally, this would not be an issue but if you only had enough on your card to complete your purchase then it does cause a problem. Another way to use balances on cards is to pay bills like your cable or other utilities online.

This can allow one to use every last cent from the comfort of your home to clear out small or large balances off cards. And you pay a bill you are going to pay anyway. I use this all the time for those rrbate cards I get and the I dont have another card to carry around. One of the best pieces of advice I read about using up a prepaid credit card is to use it to purchase a store gift card that you frequent and will definitely visit. That has saved me headaches about keeping track of the balance etc.

So with rebates where they give you a prepaid VISA or MC, I'll purchase a gift card, usually a Target one because it's nearby and I always shop there, for the total amount and I'm done.

I agree that using up balances should be used on purchases you would have made anyway such as gas and groceries, unless you are completely out of debt, why not make those cards give you a little bit of breathing room as small as it might be anything helps: It almost smells like a scam where visa is requiring you to know the exact remaining balance to use the card, and counting on you giving up the small balance - multiplied by millions.

Very useful idea thanks, I wasn't sure how I was going to get this money off the card. Indeed i just used up about 10 prepaid visas this way, and was able to order a new CD. Amazon automatically combines your gift cards together so no worries about having to split purchases!

The Card companies already figured all of this out. Unless you have been asleep for the last 5 years, you'd know that all of these cards are pretty much restricted from "cashing out" and most do not offer recharging unless it's directly issued by the store Target, WalMart. Donating to charity is a joke. Unfortunately this is designed like this to eek out yet another margin for the Card Companies Similar to the gas idea, you can use up any remaining amount on prepaid card at your local supermarket.

FYI, perhaps Amazon has changed their terms. They were delivered within seconds and I've already used them! Looks like Amazon doesn't have a minimum gift certificate amount anymore. Thanks for this article. I never would have remembered to even try Amazon without it!

I zero out gift cards by making charitable donations to my favorite nonprofits I have done the thing where you ask the cashier to run the gift card for the balance amount and then use a different payment source for anything still due, but it's a hassle and I prefer not to do it. What I do is Amazon e-gift cards. I shop at amazon, and they don't expire their gift cards, so it's a good value.

But I can also use the amazon gift balance to purchase a gift card to a local store or restuarant, so I'm not even limited to shopping at amazon this way. Amazon lets you enter the exact amount you want to load onto their e-gift-card, so that 3. These credit card giftcards are great for people like myself who are too paranoid to disclose their banking info online when wanting to make online purchases.

They must make oodles of cash just From those alone. With an actual credit card they charge for penalty and with the giftcards they charge you to use your own money. That turned out to be more of a rant than I intended. It is totally worth it though when you find great deals online then you can look at it as an investment. But I personally only buy them when I am looking to purchase something specific online.

You can purchase Amazon online gift card with cards such as the visa debit etc cards. This is great as you can take the remaining amount on many cards and just buy e gift cards on Amazon with it, then purchase items with this credit.

What I do is call after a couple of months of cards building up. I then write each card number with remaining balance on a sheet of paper. Depending on cards it takes a whole minutes to do this.

The gift card balances are not separately visible after they have been applied to your account, so you will only be able to check your iTunes gift card balance as one total cumulative number.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, then locate the number next to Credit under your Apple ID. This is your remaining iTunes gift card balance. Note that this iTunes gift card balance amount can also include any credit that you have received from the iTunes Store, such as if you have gotten a refund for a subscription that you no longer wanted.

If you have an iTunes gift card that you have not redeemed, or if you are unsure whether it has been redeemed, then you can choose to do so directly from your iPhone as well. This article provides a full walkthrough for redeeming an iTunes gift card on your iPhone , if you would like to see screenshots or any additional information.

Additionally, you can also purchase and send iTunes gift cards directly from your iPhone. This is a great way to give someone something digital, like a music album, movie, or TV show season. Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.

Store Categories Programs Reviews Devices. December 20, The iTunes gift card balance associated with your Apple ID can appear when you redeem a gift card, and it can be used for purchases that you make through the iTunes Store. Tap the iTunes Store icon. Select the Featured tab at the top of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find your gift card balance listed under your Apple ID.

How to redeem an iTunes gift card Open the iTunes Store.

Make sure to check your gift card balance. If there’s money left, either go out and use it, or sell it to a gift card buyer. We’ve searched the Internet and found how to check the balance of most major gift card . If you are like me, you might have a few Visa gift cards hanging around that have an unused balance on them. If you are like me, you never actually know what that balance is when you are at the cashier, or the cashier doesn’t know how to split up a transaction in order to use up the amount on the visa. Small amount left on a Visa ® gift card? Using the list below, find out if your state requires merchants to give money back when gift card balances are tiny–less than a few dollars. If so, then pay attention when you redeem your gift card. The Visa ® Gift Cards and The Visa Gift Virtual Account are issued.

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